The Comme On Dit French Language Program is an innovative two-year textbook sequence comprised of Comme on dit (year 1) and C’est ce qu’on dit (year 2). The University of Chicago’s Claude Grangier and Nadine O’Connor Di Vito, with Marie Berg, have developed and extensively tested a research-based methodology that focuses on inductive learning through analysis of authentic discourse. The program’s workbook format ensures that students are engaged in the learning process on every page, leading to higher proficiency and greater student confidence. Students are encouraged to discover grammar rules, not just memorize them, and to use situationally appropriate language, not just “classroom French.” By the end of one year of instruction with Comme on dit, students can expect to reach Intermediate-Mid to Intermediate-High proficiency on the ACTFL scale; after using C’est ce qu’on dit, students can expect to reach Advanced-Low to Advanced-Mid proficiency.

This website includes all of the multimedia referenced in both textbooks. In addition, instructors can learn more about the program and access ancillary resources such as the instructor’s manual, quizzes, sample exams, and more.

Access to the program’s companion website, where students complete their homework assignments, is coming soon.

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